There is only one me

One planet, over seven billion people

But only one me.


I am beautiful, I am unique

Unique because no one could ever be exactly like me

We could all brag about self-love

But it really does start from within

Embracing your flaws, short coming and disabilities

Never giving room to any instability

Seeing the beauty in every damp condition

Cause after all,

There is an ability in every disability.


Self-love isn’t about loving yourself because you’re perfect and got everything you want

It’s about accepting your flaws, faults and defects ugly or not


In this dark and gloomy world

We all need love to stay united and make us one


In order not to drift apart,

We all need love to guide our heart

But you can’t give what you don’t have


So let’s improve on self-love and give life a beautiful start!



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