• How to capture them? How to impact on them ? Simple: The right content.
  • CRAZY FACTS BUT VERY TRUE: Nigeria has a really young population—with a median age of 18.2
  • Half of all Nigerians are kids 18 and under!
  • Which means that if Nigeria’s kids decided they were over it one day and formed their own country, it would be the biggest nation in Africa…! Full of kids and teens, of course!
  • TATV will be ‘that nation’…


Gen Y and Z consumers are optimistic, creative, entrepreneurial & collaborative

  • They believe harnessing creativity and entrepreneurship rather than
    more forma l employment is the way to reach success within one lifetime.
  • Many of age (18 to 19) have some form of ‘business’ making, repairing
    or selling something – T‑shirts, shoes, mobiles, cars etc.
  • They want to feel part of the creativity of a new generation of Africans.
  • They embrace diverse cultures. They move forward together
  • They celebrate confidence in a brighter future.
  • They are curious, progressive and proud.


  • Inject boldness, and inventiveness into your brands – reflect the identity
    GEN Ys and Zs aspire to have, help them forge their own path, reflect their
    values how they see the world.
  • As far as we have seen, no Nigerian brand currently speaks directly to the
    GEN Y and Z in a way that celebrates them for who they are, represents
    what they want and gives voice to their ways of ‘being’
  • The only creative entities that have almost reached out to this crowd are the
    music & fashion industries.
  • TEEN AFRICA TV will for TV!
  • And TATV is the platform we have built for the GEN Y and Z African Teen
    to achieve most of their goals.