A magazine/talk show on Fashion and Trends by the Teen Police

A cooking Program presented by a Teenager, highlighting the culinary skills of young cooks


Gaming Show is a show were teenagers come to show their gaming skills and prowess, talk about the reasons they love gaming and have fun

A reality show of four young teenagers going about their daily struggles with mixed emotions and challenges

Culture Connect celebrates Africa’s rich heritage, covering the diverse ethnic groups in Africa by showcasing and connecting its history, ethnicity and belief as one.

A night show centered on a bunch of friends hanging out at the beach discussing issues

A show for the girls by the girls where we get to talk about all the fun stuff exclusive to the girls.


Art Unlimited is a show that explores the Arts. An artist is featured per episode.

A program on teens singing their favorite songs on karaoke and having fun.

Weekly countdown of the Teen Picked charts of hit songs.


A Show dedicated to showcasing Teen Africa signature events with all the deets, glitz and glamour.


Teenagers in a dance studio in each episode, learning and expressing themselves through the art of dancing

Teen Models give insights into the world of teen modelling and the vistas they have experienced.
An entertaining program on Rap Battles between talented Teenagers freestyling to DJ beats.
A voxpop show for students to interact and discuss how school is and the challenges they face on a day to day.

Saturday evening live studio mix and dance party with a VJ spinning the videos to teens on the dance floor

Weekdays Morning Breakfast Show presented by exciting Teenagers, lighting up the day.

Trivia is an educative entertainment game show with questions on current affairs, riddles and entertainment for the audience to text in responses.

Each episode has 3 games. Winning each game scores a team 2 points. A bonus can be given to opposing team. Bonus point is 1 point. Tie breakers are introduced per game if both teams win.
A nostalgic show that invites celebrities to reminisce about their teenage life.
Early morning inspiring show that mentions achievements by teenagers across the globe.

Week days news update on current affairs, events, business, politics, sports entertainment, etc

Savvy teens analyze football (sports) matters in each mind blowing edition.

A reality cum talk show on a group of 4 young girls having a pyjamas sleepover and having talks about life’s issues.

A Pidgin English Talk Show presented by 2 streetwise Teens on stories portraying issues affecting teens.

Teens give their own perspectives about issues affecting their lives

Weekday Evening Live one hour live show with live performances by new and established acts, guest interviews, videos on request and a screaming teen studio audience.

A show dedicated to Music video analysis, from the directing skills, video quality, style of shoot, texture and tempo, artiste charisma etc are all dissected on the show.

A musical throwback show presented by a teen on the music made in the years gone by.

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