How do you cope with stress as a teenager?

Only a few decades ago, the most common problems teens faced were finding a career path, be responsible and how to start a family. In fact, the word “teenager” wasn’t even a thing until the 1920s. Today, however, teens are facing problems unique to their time.

Stress has been one major issue which everybody face and it can sometimes weigh us down or motivate us in getting things done. In fact, stress is the way our body responds to challenges and gets us ready to face them with attention, energy and strength or sometimes miss it. When we feel we can cope with these challenges, stress gets us ready for action and gives us the motivation to get things done.

There is nothing wrong with your teenage child if he/she is stressed. But stress can cause problem(s), when it goes on for too long, or your child has more stress than he can cope with.

Most teenagers get stressed from school, peers or even family and all this can cause a psychological problem in these teenagers’ cognitive and sometimes it could lead to them getting tied of living and could be suicidal.
So, how can teenagers reduce the stress they  face? One way is by-

– Sleeping well: Sleep helps the mind and body feel relaxed and it’s good for the physical and emotional well-being. A research shows that an average sleep a teenager needs is 8-10 hours. Sleep needs to be a priority to keep stress in check.
– Exercise: Physical activity is an essential stress reliever for people of all ages. It also helps take some things off our mind during the period of physical activity.
– Talk to someone: research shows that talking about our issues with someone will trust, they can help find solution to the problem. So, when teen talk to their parents and listen to them, it will make them feel relieved.
– Have fun: it has been shown having fun with friends and family can help the mind feel relaxed, so when they take a bit of time to laugh with people they care about it gives them joy; thus, making them feel stress free.

Teenagers go through a lot of things everyday, but with the help of their parents who take time to listen to their child’s problem and talk to them all the time can help their child feel more comfortable to talk to them whenever they have any issue(s) and this can boost their child and also help them deal with the stress.

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